Current funding systems are outdated and stifle innovation in classrooms.

more_vert Clean Slate

The American public education system is plagued by deep funding inequalities. These divides are created by differences in local wealth, and they are often too wide to be bridged with state funds. We need a better solution.

more_vert Common Sense and Fairness

State funding formulas drive the distribution of education dollars, and they do much to determine whether funding is adequate, equitable, and supportive of student success. View EdBuild’s model funding formula policies and use this interactive tool to build a state formula.

more_vert Frontier

School district borders have power. They matter for school funding, home values, and diversity—and they can be drawn to either narrow or widen opportunity gaps. This fifty-state survey of school district border law provides tools to address these borders head-on in pursuit of educational equity.

more_vert Fault Lines: America's Most Segregating School District Borders

The borders of many school districts serve to concentrate poverty in their classrooms and separate their students from resources. This report identifies the borders that create the greatest degree of economic segregation between districts.

more_vert Dismissed

America’s neighborhoods are all too segregated by race and class—and our school district borders mirror, and entrench, these divides.

more_vert FundED

FundED is the first interactive web tool to aggregate and standardize information regarding each state’s education funding laws.

more_vert stranded

The vast majority of states leave school district mergers up to local districts, and even the states that have the power to step in do so only under the direst of circumstances, leaving students stranded in underfunded school systems.

more_vert Making Change

Every policy that increases funding equity, though it improves the overall picture, leaves some voters worse off. This report explores the stories of three states that beat the odds.

more_vert Fault Lines: America's Most Segregated School District Borders

High-poverty school districts enroll half of America's schoolchildren, and often, children in affluent, neighboring districts benefit from greater resources. This report highlights the country’s most segregating borders and considers how this situation has come to pass.

more_vert Detroit's Broke, but the System is Broken

Detroit needs a systemic fix. Overhauling state funding may be a starting point.

more_vert Playing the Game and Missing the Point: The Wrong Education Funding Conversation

“How much money we spend on education doesn’t matter; it’s how we’re spending it that’s important.”​ Right?

more_vert Low-Income Communities Suffer the Most as PA’s Budget Stalls

Pennsylvania is currently experiencing an implosion of its education system as schools across the state struggle to keep their doors open.

more_vert Misleading Attacks Distract from Real Issues

A new blog is floating around attacking EdBuild and mischaracterizing our work. It's time to set the record straight.​

more_vert Time for a Reboot

The last time most states updated the way they fund schools was in the 80s. A lot has changed since then.​

more_vert What About My District?

​Our recent map used poverty data instead of FRL. Learn about the difference in this post.​

more_vert Meet EdBuild

An introduction to EdBuild.