THE SCHOOL FUNDING SYSTEM IS broken. There are ways to fix it & There are tools to guide you.

EdBuild was an organization that worked to bring common sense and fairness to the way states fund public schools. Here, you can find EdBuild’s work and learn about school funding problems and solutions.

School funding systems in America are arbitrary, failing to support students in accordance with their needs. They are inequitable, often producing higher funding levels in low-need, affluent districts than in school systems serving students with greater needs. And they promote division by incentivizing and entrenching segregation along racial and economic lines. EdBuild’s research has demonstrated the depth of these problems and shown the way to a better system.

EdBuild was founded with the intention of being a limited-term, catalytic organization. As planned, it closed its doors in June 2020. On this website, you can find its key reports and tools, organized into three primary sections: THE SCHOOL FUNDING SYSTEM IS BROKEN, where you can access reports demonstrating the problems with the current system; THERE ARE WAYS TO FIX IT, where you can learn about solutions to these problems; and THERE ARE TOOLS TO GUIDE YOU, where you can find data and policy information to support reform efforts. At the menu above, you can also find a section called DIVE DEEPER where you can see other past work by EdBuild.

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